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1776 is a global innovator network that provides flexible work, incubation and convening  spaces, and growth resources to corporations, startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs. We value our connections with startup ecosystems in the Midwest, and we are excited to partner with 16 Tech to add to our multiple locations in the Northeast Corridor—which include the Philadelphia and Washington DC metro areas.

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1776 empowers its members to drive innovation, achieve scale and reach their maximum potential.


By giving them access the latest wisdom on building highly scalable businesses. By connecting them to expert mentors who help them solve complex problems. By helping them reach markets through our institutional and corporate partners—and capital through our investor network. And by linking them to top talent through our relationships across the globe.

Additionally, our selection of private offices, startup garages, desks, meeting rooms and communal areas in HqO—as well as biolab space in 16 Tech’s Innovation Building 1—allows us to meet the space needs of all types of companies. Meanwhile, our impact-oriented programming and resources will help startups reach new heights.

In short, we have everything fast-moving companies and creators need to achieve—and exceed—their goals.

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