About 16 Tech

16 Tech is an innovation district located on the near west side of Indianapolis, just minutes from the center of the city’s downtown district. It’s where people innovating in the life sciences, tech and advanced engineering industry sectors connect, collaborate and create.

The innovation district is purpose-built to attract the best talent to collaborate, innovate and commercialize new ideas across a spectrum of advanced industries, including life sciences, technology and advanced manufacturing and engineering. The district is designed to encourage innovation in open environments where collaboration occurs without barriers.

Innovation districts like 16 Tech draw companies and talent from around the world; they also provide job training and development opportunities for residents of the surrounding neighborhoods.16 Tech is expected to be one of the largest talent attraction, retention and development opportunities in Indianapolis’ history.

Like any community, 16 Tech will be a place where people not only work, but live, play and learn. It’s this mix of talent and industry diversity that makes for a truly inclusive and vibrant district for innovation and business and community development.

Its millions of square feet of custom, open, modern innovation space is coupled with retail and housing development, generous green space and walking/biking trails for a rich, urban living experience.

The innovation district is guided by a 12-member board of directors that brings deep community leadership and diverse business experience to the board. The project is possible through robust public/private partnerships and industry, philanthropic, civic and community support.