16 Tech Innovation District

Connecting people and resources to power the next wave of innovation

The 16 Tech Innovation District, bounded on the north by 16th Street and on the south by 10th Street between Indiana Avenue and White River/Fall Creek in downtown Indianapolis, will be a 24-hour community where the curious and creative come together to build companies, careers and families. It’s a place where forward-thinking entrepreneurs can partner with creative thinkers from major corporations and where an app developer can bounce ideas off of a biomedical researcher. At 16 Tech, it’s this unencumbered access to different perspectives and capabilities – united by a common drive for innovation – that will lay the groundwork for truly groundbreaking discoveries.

Innovation in the 21st century happens when corporations, institutions and workers are close and can share knowledge – anytime, anywhere. It happens in open spaces where ideas and people connect and collaborate.


16 Tech is adjacent to the nation’s largest medical school, research and university partners, and more than 60 percent of Central Indiana’s advanced industries.

A newly constructed bridge will connect 16 Tech with the nearby research corridor and downtown Indianapolis.

Transit and ample walking and biking trails also will provide connectivity to neighboring communities, entertainment and events.


16 Tech will include office and lab space, incubator and accelerator space and makerspace that support companies at a variety of stages.

Knowing that innovation occurs outside the traditional 9-5 workday, 16 Tech will be a 24-hour place where people can live and play with:

Housing, retail, hotel

15 acres of greenspace

3 miles of biking and walking trails

Access to White River and Fall Creek


16 Tech will be home to programs to develop skills, provide business support, facilitate industry-university partnerships and build personal and professional networks.

16 Tech will include opportunities for tenants to access shared resources. Resources are expected to include:

Wet lab equipment

Advanced industry equipment

3D printers

CNC machines

16 Tech initial development projects

16 Tech will provide access to researchers, entrepreneurs, and creative thinkers – many of which are only a short walk or bicycle ride away. With new construction, re-purposed buildings, miles of walking paths, parks and connectivity to downtown Indianapolis, 16 Tech will re-define how companies innovate.  Construction at 16 Tech is underway with Innovation Building 1 fully leased and scheduled for completion in mid 2020. Infrastructure improvements, additional office buildings, lab space and multi-family projects are part of the initial construction phase. The map below shows initial development projects as well as the research assets located in the immediate area around the district.  Additional detail on the initial development projects follows.

A. Residential 1

B. The Innovation Hub

C. Innovation Building 1

D. Innovation Building 2

E. Central Green

F. Walking & Biking Paths

G. 16 Tech Bridge

H. Research Corridor

I. Cook Regentec

J. 1250 Indiana Avenue

K. Eskenazi Fine Arts Center

For a map of the comprehensive Phase 1 projects, visit our Leasing/Development page.

Innovation Building 1

Reflecting the district’s broader vision of connecting innovators from multiple industry sectors, construction began with a 120,000-square-foot building that will serve as 16 Tech’s anchor facility. This building, constructed by Browning Davis, will house the Indiana Biosciences Research Institute, Indiana University School of Medicine researchers, and the Central Indiana Corporate Partnership and its advanced industry initiatives, including Ascend Indiana, AgriNovus Indiana, BioCrossroads, Conexus Indiana, Energy Systems Network and TechPoint. Here, they will find contemporary office space, advanced wet labs, public meetup space, a cafe and a rooftop terrace that will overlook the nearby innovation hub and central green. This initial mix of tenants represents the ideal cross-section of industry expertise and entrepreneurial energy that will drive innovation and attract talent throughout the district.

Innovation Building 2

Browning is developing a second office building that will be adjacent to the anchor facility. Innovation Building 2 is anticipated to be a 140,000-square-foot facility with room for multiple tenants, labs, onsite food and beverage space.

The Innovation Hub @ 16 Tech

Creating a true innovation ecosystem also means delivering the right tools and programming to foster success. From start-up and scale-up services to incubator and training programs, 16 Tech will provide many opportunities for personal and professional development. The district’s events will bring tenants and community members together to share knowledge and develop skills, and to provide practical support to launch or grow a business. The Innovation Hub will include shared work and incubator space, makerspace, including 3D printers and CNC machines, a food hall and ample space for meetups and collaboration.

1250 Indiana Avenue @ 16 Tech

The 16 Tech Community Corporation will renovate and adapt the 60,000-square-foot 1250 Indiana Avenue building to include flex and office space. With high ceilings and wide open space, the building is ideal for dry lab space, shared work space and meeting space.

Residential 1

Creative thinkers are not your typical 9-to-5ers, and the traditional divisions between home and work often no longer apply. 16 Tech envisions a seamlessly integrated 24-hour community that will include multi-family housing, which will help companies recruit and retain talent who want to connect with the city, the neighborhood and innovators who will call 16 Tech home. The first multi-family housing project will be developed by Browning and include +250 units.

Greenspace and common space

16 Tech will be an active, vibrant community that will attract curious and creative people – from around the globe and neighboring communities – to work, play, live and learn.

Through public art and other placemaking strategies, 16 Tech will add to the area’s vibrant atmosphere. Easy access to walking and biking trails, local waterways, and a multi-use path will provide ample opportunities to connect to the city or reconnect with nature. A central green will serve as the district’s centerpiece and will be complemented by additional greenspace where people can interact, play and find the head space to innovate. Together, these elements will help tenants recruit and retain the types of highly motivated scientists, researchers, engineers, designers, and professionals that are needed to succeed.

Creating connections

The success of the 16 Tech Innovation District relies on a high degree of connectivity between people, ideas and investments. The master plan outlines significant infrastructure improvements and enhancements that will connect 16 Tech tenants to one another, to Indianapolis’ research corridor, downtown Indianapolis and neighboring communities.

A new, iconic bridge over Fall Creek will connect 16 Tech to the clinical, academic and research activities happening at the hospitals and university to the south. The bridge and its roadway will serve not only as a connector, but as a gathering space and gateway into the innovation district.

New and improved streets will balance the movement of pedestrians, bicycles and vehicles and provide adequate access and circulation within the district. The extension of Gent Avenue to Waterway Boulevard will connect the district’s front doors with the city and neighboring communities.