Community Commitment

A connected community

A core tenet of 16 Tech Community Corporation is to ensure the success of the innovation district creates access, opportunity and revitalization of the Near West, Near Northwest and neighboring communities.

Our engagement strategy includes:

  • Developing relationships with neighbors and neighborhood associations;

  • Supporting community-based and industry partnerships that advance neighborhood workforce development, STEAM education and create job pathways in the district;

  • Investing in neighborhood quality of life initiatives and improvements to connectivity and infrastructure; and

  •  Coordinating district-wide engagement and opportunities to volunteer and partner with neighboring communities.

Neighborhood workforce development

In its first 10 years, 16 Tech expects to generated nearly 3,000 jobs of all skill levels in the innovation district. Through partnerships with local education and workforce development organizations, 16 Tech Community Corporation is embarking on a project to help identify pathways for residents in neighboring communities to expand their career options and share in the district’s employment opportunities.