Local Commitment

The Innovation Community will be a place of knowledge and cultural exchange, opportunity for talented individuals, inclusion, entrepreneurship, talent development, business growth and a place that honors the culture and heritage of the surrounding areas.

The proximity of the area to the nearby universities and health systems affords tremendous connectivity to additional research and innovation as well as a strong talent pool. The nearby neighborhoods provide an important and related historical context to the geography – one of entrepreneurship, innovation and deep roots in jazz – and an engaged group of residents excited about the opportunity to participate in many ways in the economic progress 16 Tech will bring to the area.

A core tenet of the Innovation Community is the ability to provide opportunities to not only lift the profile and growth of the City of Indianapolis but also foster greater prosperity for the nearby and Marion County residents.

A Community Investment Fund will be established with the express purpose of revitalizing surrounding communities by enabling their Quality of Life and neighborhood plans. The Community Investment Fund will be financially supported by assessments paid for by the tenants (through the building owners) of space in the Innovation Community and allocated by an appointed and elected board of directors with community ties.

Workforce Training and Employment Opportunities also will be available. As the Innovation Community develops, a large number of jobs covering the entire skill and wage spectrum will be available. Working with high schools, community colleges, EmployIndy, community organizations and universities, the innovation community will help develop programs that arm neighboring residents with the skills to succeed in local jobs.

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